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Boilers have been the traditional heating unit for homes for many years, and with good reason. Boilers are known for their clean energy and potent heating capability. At Shur-Flow Services we provide boiler installation and repair in Texarkana for new and old homes. We service all brands, makes, and models. If you installed a boiler with someone other than us we can still provide maintenance and repairs.

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Boilers Are Clean Energy & User-Friendly

The boiler has been around for a long time now. As with all technology it has undergone improvements based on the needs of the consumer. If your image of a boiler is a big, loud, steamy machine that leaks water you'll be happy to learn they've gone undergone a decent bit of evolution over the years.

Benefits of a boiler include:

  • Clean Heating. Boilers work by heating water to vaporize warm air which then radiates throughout the house. No new air is released through a boiler, keeping your house devoid of dirt and dust.
  • Silence. If your heating unit is close to your living space a boiler could be a good choice for you. Boilers are virtually silent regardless of how hard you push them.
  • Powerful Heat. Compared to other heating equipment, boilers are a much more powerful.
  • Zoned Heating. Boilers release heat through radiators. If you have very specific heating needs you can install powerful radiators in rooms that require more heat while leaving the rest of the house temperate.

Many people are reluctant to use boilers because they require a radiator. Just like the boiler, radiators have undergone significant advances. If you don't want a radiator unit taking up space in your home you can install underfloor heating. This method places a network of radiating pipes underneath the floor that will emanate heat from below. Underfloor heating is not the only alternative; there are many new forms of unobtrusive radiators. Ask one of our technicians about what would work best for your home.

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